The Montlake Elementary Spring Auction is closed! Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our school. 

11 Days: Monday, March 4th - Thursday, March 14th


This year, we're rallying around a powerful theme: I am hopeful.


It's a reminder of the optimism that flows through our community and the bright future we envision for our students. With a goal of raising $150K, every bit of support means more resources, experiences, and opportunities for our students today and tomorrow. This year has been full of changes. We’re hopeful you’ve seen the beauty in our temporary home at John Marshall and felt the strength of our Montlake community’s spirit.


More than anything, we are hopeful about what we can achieve together for our school. 
Our fundraiser is more than just a goal; it's a reflection of our collective hope and commitment to making Montlake Elementary a place where every student thrives. So let's come together, share our hope, and make a difference. Every contribution brings us closer to our goal and will directly impact current and future Montlake students. Sign up below to participate!

Why Does the PTA Fundraise?

It is important to know that the PTA is made up of parent volunteers whose responsibilities center around advocacy, community and inclusivity. Our goal is to ensure our teachers, community, and most importantly our students get the resources they need to be successful.


Like every public school, Seattle Public Schools doesn’t provide enough funding to pay for some of Montlake’s critical staff positions and services that benefit our students. We rely on two primary fundraisers a year to fill the gaps. 


When you bid in the auction or donate directly, you support:  

  • .5 Art Teacher (to make a FTE position) 
  • .5 Academic Interventionist (to make a .8 position) 
  • .3 Front Office staff (to mak a FTE position) 
  • Community support: Islandwood financial aid, enrichment and school event scholarships for students in need  
  • IDEA project, STEM fair, Choir Symphony outings 
  • Supplies for both specialisits and classroom teachers  
  • Community events: Welcome Fall event, Art Walk, Fundraising social gatherings 
  • 30K+ in equity sharing to fellow elementary schools like Lowell who do not have the privilege to fundraise. 
  • + much, much more! 
Some of these establishments require codes and specific instructions to ensure Montlake receives the proper funds raised. Please check the ClassroomParent portal here for all details and add each event to your calendar! 

Auction proceeds alone will not get us to our goal. Please donate!

This is serious. If we do not reach our goal, we will not be able to fund these specific items at current levels. Hard decisions will have to be made and items cut from the budget.


As it stands, we need to fundraise approximately $1,100 per student to continue to spend our budget on the above mentioned items. Many families cannot afford this so if you can give a bit extra, your generosity is valued and deeply appreciated. We are thankful for each and every dollar that comes in!


Here are the ways you can help Montlake reach the $150K goal:

  • DONATE DIRECTLY TO THE PTA - Consider recurring giving as an option – even small gifts make a difference! Remember, we are a 501(c)(3) organization and everything is tax deductible.
  • CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR EMPLOYER MATCHES - We use Benevity so if your employer is set up, it is a quick process. Click here to check!
  • SIGN UP TO BID if you want to take part in this event, please register here as soon as possible. 
  • SHARE WITH YOUR NETWORK - Please share this website and donation link with grandparents, neighbors, friends, distant relatives, anyone who would be interested in donating or bidding on these wonderful items.
  • ATTEND A DINE-OUT EVENT! Thanks to our wonderful restaurant community, we have the chance to earn 10-20% of revenue on specific dates from the following establishments. Dine on your own or coordinate with a fellow classroom family and DINE OUT TO SUPPORT MONTLAKE! Scroll below for specific information, or check ClassroomParent events here.

    Sodam Chicken | Mon, March 4th  || 20% of Sales with Montlake Code
    Fuel Coffee | Wed, March 6th ||10% of Sales no code needed! 
    Tutta Bella | Sun, March 10th – Thu, March 14th  || 20% of Sales with Montlake Code 
    Sodam Chicken | Wed, March 13th || 20% of Sales with Montlake Code 

    Have Questions?

    Budgeting AND fundraising for a non-profit is very complex. Especially for our parent and caregiver volunteers! And the more questions and information we have about what our community truly needs, the better we can do our jobs. 

    If you have any questions, concerns, and want to learn more about the budget, our PTA team is hosting two office hours for the Montlake School Community.


    Time: Mar 6, 2024 07:00 PM

    Meeting ID: 873 8328 2759 | Passcode: 044931

    Time: Mar 8, 2024 09:00 AM

    Meeting ID: 878 4290 7492 | Passcode: 694171


    We hope to see you there!

    With hopeful hearts and deepest gratitude, 

    Your fellow Montlake parents and caregivers on the Spring Fundraising Committee

    DINE OUT Information

    2 days only: Monday, March 4th & Wednesday, March 13th

    1 day: Wednesday, March 6th

    No code needed! 10% of total day revenue (pre tax, excluding books and gift cards) given to Montlake Elementary. 

    5 days: Sunday, March 10th & Wednesday, March 14th